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28 Tips for an easy move. Let's face it: Unless you're a minimalist, moving is one of the biggest household or office tasks there is and it can be extremely overwhelming. But if you can get a head start and stay organized, you should make it through this mammoth process unscathed and ready to enjoy your new abode or premises. Here are 28 tips to help you avoid moving day chaos.

1 Speak to your solicitor

Speak to your solicitor about exchanging contracts and finalise your moving date.

2 Check parking restrictions

Check the parking restrictions for large removal vehicles at your current home and at your new home.  Your removal firms may need to apply to the Council for parking permits.

3 Finalise details

Finalise details with the removals company – confirm times, emergency numbers, parking and directions.

4 Start packing things that are not in daily use

Start packing non-essential items and least used rooms.

5 Notify relevant utilities about your move

Notify relevant utility companies and switch home insurance to your new home.

6 Arrange child and pet care

Obviously, your children will be remembered but sometimes people forget about moving pets out of the home when we come. We love animals but it's best that they are not around when we move a home - don’t be afraid to ask friends and family to look after your animals on moving day.

7 Book professionals to carry out services

Book professionals to carry out services if your removal company is not providing them e.g. house cleaning, dismantling of flat pack furniture, a plumber for the dishwasher and washing machines.

8 Flammable Liquids and Materials

Safely dispose of all flammable materials and liquids that require specialist treatment – your removal company cannot move dangerous liquids.

9 Cancel local services

Cancel local services you receive and settle outstanding bills e.g. newspapers, gardeners, cleaners, window cleaner, oil deliveries.

10 Pay for your move!

Make arrangements to pay for your move and ensure you have sufficient cash assets in the bank for emergencies.

11 Future Post

Give the post office your new address and arrange mail redirection service.

12 Change of address

Send out a change of address cards to friends and relatives.

13 The freezer

Run down freezer foods and other perishables. Removal companies like it with no food and dry when we move it. Defrost the fridge and freezer – ensure they are completely dry before moving.

14 Pack what you can

Complete packing of all items that fit into boxes.

15 Keep valuables safe

Put important items and documents in a plain, sturdy box for safekeeping e.g. passports, driving licenses, house deeds, wills, insurance papers, jewellery and cash.

16 The keys!

Gather together keys for your current property.

17 Don’t mistake belongings for rubbish

Try to avoid packing things into black bin liners. Well-meaning friends or family could accidentally throw them out on moving day.

18 Pack a night bag

Pack a night bag for the family so you have your toothbrush, pyjamas, wash bag and towels handy.

19 Final walkthrough

Walk around your house for a final, thorough check – take your time doing this to ensure you leave nothing.

20 Keys to your new home

Ensure you have the keys to your new house or have arranged to collect them in advance and gather together keys for all locks from your old home.

21 Treat your movers

Whether hired movers or friends and family, be sure to have food and drinks readily available for everyone. On a hot summer day, your crew will appreciate a cold drink.

22 Mobile phones

Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged as your old landline will be disconnected.

23 Final Utilities Reading

Record all utility meter readings for water, electricity and gas. We recommend taking a photo of the meters on your mobile phone.

24 Check property is secure

Check all windows are secure and utilities are switched off.

25 Keys for the new owner

Once you’re happy the house is empty, lock up and drop keys down to the estate agents ready for collection by the new owners on completion.

26 Emergency contact details

Give your movers several copies of emergency contact details and directions to your new house.

27 Once in

Love your new home and get to know it. Get the kettle going for teas and coffees and unpack the biscuits for the moving company and your family.

28 Special instructions

Confirm what is to be moved where and any special instructions to your removal company, make sure you have one person ready and available at the new property to guide them around the house. If you label the rooms on the floor plan to correspond with boxes this will make it easier for them.


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